Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Presidential Campaign

Our leaders used to be the most respected leaders in the world. Now, our candidates routinely appear on late night TV and make fun of themselves. How is that supposed to convince us that they are the most qualified candidates to hold the highest elective offices in our country? Can you imagine FDR or Eisenhower doing anything analogous in their day?

I’ve watched most of the debates during the presidential campaign, as well as the debates during the republican and democratic primaries. Watching reminds me so much of buying tomatoes. The tomatoes are never anywhere near as good as they look – but I keep hoping, and buying, and being disappointed. Still I manage, somehow, to convince myself that the next one is going to be better.

Now we’re to the point where every major televised campaign event must be followed by analysts that tell us how much of what we have just heard is true. These are candidates for the leaders our country, and, maybe, “the free world” – and we can’t believe what they say?

Am I the only one that thinks this is embarrassing? Just wondering.

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