Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finally, A Little Love From Yahoo!

For a new blogger, one of the fun things is seeing traffic from all over the planet; I've now had visitors from every continent not perpetually covered by snow. Even more rewarding is the increasing attention from readers -- and search engines (without which, there would be few readers).

Speaking of readers.... This has been an historic 7-10 days for Observations' readership. February obliterated the previous monthly traffic record; last week, the daily and weekly records followed suit. Unfortunately, it's a mixed blessing. Because over 75% of my traffic is stock market related, if my traffic is up, it often means that the stock market is down -- a mixed blessing at best!

Google was the first search engine to discover Observations. However, getting discovered is just the start; you want to get ranked on the first page. Still, being ranked by Google is a good thing, even if not on the first page; they handle about 50% of the searches. Therefore, it was especially rewarding when I noticed the search below:

Observations has been at the top Google searches before, but, to my knowledge it' s never held the top TWO spots before.

Yahoo and MSN Live Search have been especially slow to discover Observations. So, I was even more surprised to finally get "a little love" from Yahoo, with the second and third spots in the "dow history chart" post below.

Note that this is Yahoo Glue, and (I just realized) they are apparently using a Google Blog search! Here's hoping Yahoo's right hand (Glue) is talking to their left hand (YAHOO's search engine). Most compilations like the above are computer generated; they just do a search and spit out what they find. What's encouraging about this one is that, while the selection process is automated, there is at least a hint of humanoid involvement in the creation of the abstract. Maybe somebody up there, at Yahoo, likes me! Who knows, maybe this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

p.s. I have no idea why the quality of the graphics is so poor. Obviously this new blogger still has a lot to learn....

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