Sunday, June 1, 2008

About This Blog

This site will focus on things about which I am passionate: analysis & design, planning, building models/spreadsheets, financial management, technology, and football. Other passions (music, basketball, dance, ...) may be less evident -- not necessarily because I'm less passionate about them, but because it's less clear what I would ever write about them.

The reality is, almost anything is a potential topic. The unifying element is the strategic-systems-quantitative-modeling approach, not the subject matter itself. I will virtually always try to provide strategic, high-level, long-range perspective. Generally, I will also try to include graphics to illustrate key concepts in an intuitive, non-technical way. Finally, I'll often provide the supporting spreadsheet for readers who would like to explore and understand the concepts in more detail.

I do this:
  • Because it's fun.
  • To further my own understanding.
  • To share my investigations, analysis and insights with others (partly with the hope that it will encourage them to do their own analysis).
  • To help promote better understanding of, and appreciation of, personal finance concepts, strategic planning, quantitative analysis and "the systems approach."
Preparing one of my posts takes a significant amount of research and analysis. As a result, the schedule is unpredictable -- though typically I will post two to four times each month. To automatically get new posts or notification of same, subscribe to one of the feeds or follow me on Twitter (see the sidebar).
Thanks for stopping by.

December, 2012

Dedication: For my "favorite" (and only) niece.
In so many ways, this site is for you. May you someday actually have time to read it -- at least the good parts!