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Personal Strategic Planning Schematic

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Personal Strategic Planning Schematic


Do You Need a Personal Strategic Plan? A process for establishing life priorities
A Personal Strategic Plan Example: An introduction to & overview of the planning process, including examples and sample formats.

Fast Track/The Core Processes: A 3-step plan to change your life, in 2-4 hours!

1. Discovering Your Vision: The first step in the planning process.
2. Identifying SWOTs (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats): developing the primary inputs to your plan.
3. Creating a Personal Strategic Plan: using your SWOTs to develop goals & strategies and write your plan.

Optional Plan Development Processes

Mission, Vision & Values: For readers willing to spend more time in order to develop a more robust plan, and those developing family strategic plans.
Strategic Plan Development - Optional: Identifying requirements, setting SMART goals, etc.


Implementing Your Personal Strategic Plan: Some suggestions -- dream boards, monitoring progress, ...

Special Plans

A More Effective Approach to New Year's Resolutions!: taking about 1/2 hour to create a mini-plan for just one important area of your life.
A Career Planning Approach: A mini strategic plan limited to career.

Implementation Tools


How Much Money Will You Need to Retire? establishing the target for retirement savings.

What Percent of Your Salary Should You Save for Retirement? (by starting age)
My SIMPLE Retirement Saving Calculator/Spreadsheet: The spreadsheet used to create the above graphs

Planning to Buy a House Calculator: An interactive home purchase planning tool

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  1. Is there anywhere you can invest that will give a minimum of 8-10% growth after tax, for several years? I was looking for a high interest savings account where I put in £10-20,000 every year and agree either to not withdraw at all for many years (10-20years) or only withdraw tiny amounts with notice in exchange for high interest, but I haven't seen anything. My dream was, deposit most of my salary every year, and with cumulative high interest have £1million+ to retire with, living off 5-8% interest= £50-100k. Should I be looking at the stock market instead and if so where would you yourself look? I thought about property- 8% growth and 8%rental yield, but if there was an 8-10% bank account or stock option it would be much easier. It frustrates me how low interest rates are in savings and how much banks charge to loan, and the fact pensions are wiped out by inflation. I am not really looking for advice, more information- do you think with the investment I'm looking at every year and the return I'm after one area is better or easier than any other between property, stocks and bank accounts?

    1. Schnarf,
      I apologize for not responding earlier. Unfortunately, all of your comments were swallowed by one of my spam filters.

      Sorry, but I am not aware of any current investment that will give you a 8-10% after-tax return. We are currently in a very challenging environment. I expect, but cannot guarantee, that there will be better opportunities sometime in the future.

      If you do find such an opportunity, please let me know!!


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