Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stock Market Spreadsheets Navigation Guide

Some people are apparently having trouble navigating the site to find the information they are looking for. This is partly because, for some queries, Google does not rank my posts in the most useful sequence. So, my most relevant post may be the second or even third post returned. This post will help you understand what data is in each spreadsheet, and give you a SAMPLE of the posts that reference that data. A complete list of all stock market posts is included in the Stock Market Subject Index in the sidebar on the left.

Dow Data

Key Data contained:
Yearly closing prices from 1901-2009; Earnings from 1929-2009; Normalized earnings.

Posts that reference this spreadsheet:
100 Years of Stock Market History (log graph)
Stock Market Earnings History and a Worst Case Scenario

Stock Market Analysis Model

Key Data contained:
Yearly closing prices from 1897-2009; Earnings from 1929-2009; Normalized earnings; Normalized price/earnings ratio; Dividends from 1929-2009; Dividend yield; Annual total return; Annual return by major component (earnings, dividends, change in price/earnings ratio).

SAMPLE of posts based upon this spreadsheet:
Analyzing and Understanding 100 Years of Stock Market History
The Extraordinary Impact of Price/Earnings Ratios
Major Bull and Bear Markets Since 1900
Dow Price/Earnings Ratio History Since 1900 - A Summary
Worst-Case Scenarios Based on 100 Years of Dow Price/Earnings History
Dow Price/Earnings Ratio History since 19xx - Yearly Graph
Dow at 25-Year Moving Average
Stock Market Average Annual Return since 19xx
Stock Market Yearly Returns since 1929
The Best & Worst 10 Years in Stock Market History
The Best & Worst Stock Market Returns for 1-10 Years, in Dollars
The Best & Worst 20 Years in Stock Market History
The Best & Worst 5 (and 50) Year Returns in Stock Market History
Range of Stock Market Returns for 1-100 Year Holding Periods
Stock Market Rolling Returns vs. Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio Graphs
Stock Market Normalized Earnings and Returns
Earnings, Dividends Determine Long-Term Returns
Dow Price/Dividend Ratio & Dividend Yield History Graph

Last update 8/28/2010

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